Friday, December 4, 2009

Truth is Absolutely Unrelated to Consensus

In light of the recent issue of "Climategate" I hope people are understanding how other areas of science may be impacted by similar problems.  If you think this problem is isolated to a few rogue scientists, you simply have not been paying attention to academia in our country and in the world.  The fields of environmental science, historical science, and medical science are all damaged by corruption, greed, and deception.  Even my own area of expertise, computer science, is not immune to these vices.

Facts are not factual just because people believe them to be true.  Consensus is completely independent of truth. In addition, credentials have nothing to do with trustworthiness.

C. S. Lewis lamented the fact that the proper use of logic is no longer taught to our children.  I lament with him, but I will not allow my own children to suffer the same harm.

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